We are starting this month with a famous concept but a fresh news style and features. YouStorage is ultimate Joomla! Hosting template and comes with a very clean WEB 2.0 style , 4 color styles , YJSG Powered and 3 new Joomla! extensions. YouStorage News Slider presents your Joomla! News items with very nice Mootools animation , YJ Plan Features module will let you showcase your subscription plan features with a sexy Mootools hover class and last but not least YJ Newsflash Ultimate is a enhanced version of our bellowed YJ Newsflash module but comes with a bit extra. All 3 modules come with YJ custom elements and new module admin and custom module templates that will give your design freedom but still keep full functionality.

Module Positions

YouStorage Joomla Template features


* 100% Tableless design
* XHTML Valid
* CSS Valid
* JS Valid
* 508 Valid
* SEO features build in

Template Options

* YjSimpleGrid powered
* 48 collapsible module positions
* PSD files included
* Joomla 1.5 template
* CSS dropdown menu
* SMooth dropdown menu
* Split menu
* 3 CSS styles
* Flexible frontpage layout
* Native RTL Support
* Server side Compression
* Demo Starter
* Extra Typography styles
* IE6 png fix
* Adjustable width
* Font resizing

Live Demo : Click Here

Download :


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