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How To Install this Template

1,Download template ^^

2,Open it in any word editor you have and we start editing the code .

3, To change logo ,find this code :

.logo {
    background: url( no-repeat;
and change background attribute to your logo .

4,Find this code :
label1 = "Celebs";
Title1 = "CELEBS";

label2 = "Music";
Title2 = "MUSIC";

label3 = "Movie";
Title3 = "MOVIE";

label4 = "TV";
Title4 = "TV";

label5 = "Redcarpet";
Title5 = "RED CARPET";

label6 = "weddings";
Title6 = "WEDDINGS";

label7 = "Fashion";
Title7 = "FASHION";

label8 = "Couples";
Title8 = "COUPLES";

label9 = "style";
Title9 = "STYLE";

label10 = "feature";
Title10 = "feature";

and change value (text in bold) of each label ( from label1 to label10) and title (from title1 to title10) to categories you want to show in homepage and their title .
Position of each label is in picture bellow

5 ,To change link to your social network accounts,find this code :

                     <div class="box">
                             <li class="rss"><a href="/feeds/posts/default">Subscribe via RSS feed </a></li>
                             <li class="twitter"><a href="">Follow us on Twitter</a></li>
And change link to your social network account ,you can add more if you want.

6,Save template and upload it to Blogger

7,Go to Blogger Dashboard  ,continue to Page element

8,To add item to top menu ,click on edit link in menu widget and add link to categories in your blog .Link to each category has structure ''

9,Do the same with Category widget

10,You can add link to other blogs via Blogroll widget .

11,To add video ,click on daily video widget and insert your video embed code into widget content .

12,You can add Google adsense ads or other advert code into topads,sidebar ads widget .

13,Save changes ,and you are done .

Very important : if you have any mirror links for this template, Please add it here in comments

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