TheSource is a Magazine-style theme that combines flashiness with sophistication. The goal behind this theme was to create a design that could display loads of content in an organized and visually pleasing manner. The three-column grid gives you increased control over your layout, and the full-width homepage slider creates a visual impact that is sure to pique your visitor's interest.

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TheSource Features Overview

1. Four Unique Colorschemes - If you don’t like the standard Dark color of TheSource, then you may enjoy the alternate/lighter Grey, Blue and Red versions.
2. Three-column Layout – TheSource features a three-column layout, which gives you plenty of room to manage your sidebar widgets.
3. Widgetized Footer – The footer of TheSource has been widgetized and separated into 4 columns, giving you plenty of widget-ready room for all of your favorite plugins.
4. Homepage Category Boxes – These four boxes feature the latest posts from your favorite categories on the homepage.

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